Modulació de l'adrenoceptor alfa1 central i perifèric en la hipertensió experimental en rata (SHR): correlacions funcionals i bioquímiques

  • Badia Sancho, Albert (Principal Investigator)
  • Vila Calsina, Elisabet (Investigator)

Project Details


In experimental hyerptension (SHR), central (hypothalamus) and peripheral (vascular and non-vascular) alfa1-adrenoceptors can be submitted to changes in density, intracellular signalling and/or funcional responses. Most of the studies reported since in that model of hypertension do not show a clear relationship between changes in receptor density and functional and/or biochemical alterations. In addition, a great variability in results among studies, specially in peripheral tissues, seem to exist. The differences observed could be adscribed either to the presence of different alfa1-adrenoceptor subtypes (alfa1a, alfa1b) or to a variation in the expression of one or both subtypes as well as to modifications on the coupling mechanisms. Our objective is to study the alfa1-adrenoceptor density, the expression of each subtype and the functional and/or the biochemical response linked to alfa1-
Effective start/end date31/05/9331/12/96


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