Modelització i simulació del mecanisme de transducció de senyals associats a proteïnes G.

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Cell-surface receptors linked to effector systems by G proteins represent one of the major cellular mechanisms of transmembrane signalling. This signal transduction pathway relays information from the exterior to the interior of a cell, through i) formation of the ligand-receptor complex; ii) activation of the receptor; iii) formation of the ternary complex between ligand, activated receptor, and G protein; iv) activation of the G protein; v) exchange of bound GDP for GTP at the alfa subunit of the G protein; vi) dissociation of the alfa subunit form both the receptor and the beta gamma heterodimer; and vii) activation of the effector system. In summary, the proposed project aims to combine the techniques of molecular graphics, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, and statistical methods to facilitate understanding of the structural features of the ligands, the receptors, and the G pro
Effective start/end date1/11/961/11/99


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