Modelització i interpretació d'estructures tectòniques: controls geomètrics, dinàmics, cinemàtics i reològics de la deformació

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This project focuses on the study of mechanisms of formation and development of tectonic structures in the mid-lower crust, based on the coupling of studies on naturally deformed rocks and the combined use of three-dimensional experimental and numerical approaches. The results to be obtained from this project will significantly increase the progress on the knowledge of the dynamic, kinematics and rheologic controls that influence the nucleation, geometry and later growth of deformation structures. All these factors are essential to the correct interpretation of the tectonic evolution of orogenic systems. During the last years, the research team has set up a laboratory for experimental deformation with analogue materials. This experimental equipment, together with numerical modelling techniques, will allow the development of this innovative and crucial study of modern structural geology
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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