Miniaturització de circuits de microones mitjançant tècniques basades en metamateriales: aplicació a l'optimització de terminals de comunicacions

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In this project, synthetic methodologies will be developed for the preparation of functionalized small molecules with defined absolute stereochemistry. These molecules are interesting by themselves or are useful synthetic intermediates to complex molecules. Among the products to be synthesized there are cyclobutane \beta-and \gamma-amino acids, and structurally related compounds, as well as boracyclopropanes, and phosphorylated cyclopropanes and oxiranes. All these molecules present restricted conformational freedom due to the carbo- or heterocyclic structural moiety. Mechanistic studies will be carried out by means of experiments and theoretical calculations regarding some processes involded in the above syntheses, mainly those using phosphinocabernes or phosphinoaldehydes for the preparation of phosphorylated compounds. Moreover, these small molecules will be used as cornestones in the design of new products with controlled absolute configuration and defined conformational bias, such as different types of nucleosides, \beta-and \gamma-peptides, nucleopeptides and peptidonucleic acids. Structural studies will be achieved by menas of spectroscopic techniques and molecular modelling. The evaluation of biological activities of small chemical libraries of some of the different products to be synthesized is also a main objective of the present project
Effective start/end date1/10/0430/09/05


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