Mineralitzacions de PB-ZN en carbonats d'edat cretàcica: implicacions sobre l'origen, evolució i edat dels fluids en cobertures sedimentàries. Exemple de la conca del Maestrazgo (Castell

  • Cardellach Lopez, Esteve (Principal Investigator)
  • Teixell Cacharo, Antonio (Investigator)
  • Canals Sabaté, Àngels (Investigator)
  • Tritlla Cambra, Jordi (Investigator)

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The Zn-Pb carbonate-hosted deposits contain a substantial amount of the worldwide reserves of these metals. In the Iberian Peninsula this type of deposits are found along a NW-SE lineament running from Cantabria (Reocin world-class deposit) and Basque Country (Vizcaya: Ancestrales-Trucios and Carranza-Lanestosa areas) in the NW, to the Maestrazgo basin in the SE (Castellon and Teruel provinces: deposits of Cedramán, Lucena del Cid, Valdelinares...).All these mineralizations are enclosed within rocks of Lower Carateceous age, are associated with dolomitizations but show important differences in tonnage and grades. A detailed metalogenetical study of the Maestrazgo basin is proposed in order to achieve the following general ojectives: 1) to know the origin, evolution ad age of the deposits, 2) to characterize and locate the hidrothermal events within the general evolution of the basin; 3)
Effective start/end date11/09/9611/09/99


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