Migrants' transnational networks: their role in migrant incorporation and Euro-Mediterranean dialogue on development

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This research project takes its cue from the often repeated call for further comparative studies on migrant transnationalism and on how it impacts migrants process of settlement as well as their role in development of their country of origin (see Portes et al., 1999; 2001).The research will examine the scope, durability and consequences of the transnational social, economic and political/civic networks of Mahgreb migrants (primarily from Morocco ) in Barcelona - a city which has a particularly high and fast growing immigrant population from Mahgreb, as well as a strong voice in co-operation with both local migrant associations and their countries of origin. This will be done through a qualitative in-depth case study of migrants 'transnational networks including interviews with organizational leaders, migrants selected to represent the various socio-economic groups within the migrant community, and relevant institutional actors in Barcelona, Spain, and the country of origin. The transnational research agenda offers an innovative and holistic understanding of the economic, social and political universe of migrants which has proved fruitful in understanding their role and participation in other western European societies (see OEstergaard-Nielsen, 2001 ).The research findings will be located in a comparative perspective with our previous (D.Phil.)research on Turks in Germany. The two case studies have different migration trajectories and different political institutional contexts. This makes for academic and policy-relevant inferences relevant to our understanding of the scope and impact of migrant transnationalism in general and in a European context in particular. To gain comparative research experience in a southern European context will significantly broadaland consolidate our expertise in studies of migration and migrant incorporation in Europe.
Effective start/end date1/11/0222/02/05

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