MICROTRANS: Microprobe multi-sensor for graft viability monitoring during organ preservation and transplantation

  • Valderrama Valles, Elena (Principal Investigator)
  • Benitez Almarza, Maria Angeles (Investigator)
  • AGUILO, Jordi (Investigator)
  • CORONEL, Ruben (Investigator)
  • DARIO, Paolo (Investigator)
  • DONATI, Alessandro (Investigator)
  • LLIBRE, Juan (Investigator)
  • MOSCA, Franco (Investigator)
  • Mc ADAMS, Eric (Investigator)
  • POMAR, José Luis (Investigator)

    Project Details


    This proposal seeks to provide the medical community with an innovative way for reliable monitoring of organs during transplantation. The monitoring, done using a purposely developed microsystem, would provide means for continuous evaluation of organ feasibility both during transport and postoperative initial evolution. To-date, the need for a perfect temperature and pathogen isolation of the organ during transport has been a major barrier in evaluating the needs and results of a constant monitoring. The recent development of silicon micro-biosensors opens a way in which to attain this objective without resigning to the mentioned organ isolation. Any action taken to increase the number of organs viable and improve their postoperative function shall be welcome by the European Society.
    Effective start/end date23/12/9923/12/02