Microsensors integrats (ISFET + REFERENCIA). Utilització en sistemes analítics automatitzats de flux continu (FIA)

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This project concerns the synthesis and characterization of macrocyclic compounds and related molecules capable to complex and recognize (molecular recognition) different substrates (ionic and molecular). These macrocycles will be used as active agents (receptors or sensors) in synthetic membranes by immovilizing them in either organic or inorganic polymers. These membranes will be tested as transport assisted membranes, ion-selective membrane electrodes, ion-selective field effect transistors and solid electrolytes. Application of these membranes to Flow Injection Analyses (FIA) will be considered. The electrochemical impedance spectroscopy will be applied to study the ionic-electronic transport properties.
Effective start/end date5/08/915/08/94

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