Micronucleus test in the human-hamster system to asses radiation-induced chromosomal damage in human spermatozoa. "Genetic Risks Associated to Exposure to Ionizing Radiation"

  • Miró Ametller, Rosa (Principal Investigator)
  • Tusell Padros, Laura (Scholar)
  • Barrios Sanromà, Leonardo (Investigator)
  • Caballin Fernandez, Rosa (Investigator)
  • Egozcue Cuixart, Josep (Investigator)
  • Prof. Jack Favor (Investigator)

Project Details


Included in the CE Project: "Genetic risks associated with exposure to ionizing radiation", the main objective of our project is to carry out a dosimetric study on spermatozoa by the analysis of radiation-induced micronuclei. Thus, the detailed objectives are: a) establishement of the technique to analyse micronuclei in 2 cell human-hamster embryos by extending the technique used to obtain human sperm chromosomes, already established in our laboratory; b) to check if micronuclei appearing in 2 cell human-hamster embryos are of human origin by fluorescence "in situ" hybridation technique; c) to carry out a study of micronuclei in non-irradiated spermatozoa from a control population; d) establishment of a dose-effect relationship by "in vitro" irradiation of spermatozoa using the micronuclei test in 2 cell embryos; e) to apply the micronucleus test to the assessment of chromosome damage in
Effective start/end date1/09/9230/06/95

Collaborative partners

  • GSF - Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit (lead)


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