Micotoxines de Fusarium en productes destinats al consum humà i animal

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    Contamination of foods and feedstuffs by micotoxins is an important problem which must be taken over. Considering the lack of enough information about the extension of the "Fusarium" mycotoxin problem, mainly fumonisins, in Spain, we will attempt in the present study: a) obtention of differential/selective media which show capacity to enumerate and diferenciate "Fusarium" spp.; b) quantification, isolation and identification of "Fusarium" strains present in different kind of products; c) improvement of the analytical techniques of extraction, identificacion and quantification of "Fusarium" mycotoxins; d) study of evolution and accumulation of fumonisin in feedstuffs following different experimental models; e) a knowledge of fumonisin incidence in food and feed samples and producer capacity of fungal strains isolated from this kind of products.
    Effective start/end date20/05/9420/05/97

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    • Sense entitat (lead)


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