Metalls de transició en química orgànica. Síntesis enantioselectives i mecanismes de reacció

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This project contains: a) a study of the factors determining the regioselectivity at the electrophile in the nucleophilic attack to cationic ?sup3-allylpalladium complexes; b) a study of the regioselctivity at the nucleophile under kinetic and under thermodynamic controls, of the attacks of polydent nucleophiles to ?sup3-allylpalladium complexes; c) transition-metal induced preparations of amino-acids in enantiopure condition; d) preparation of metallic complexes of the N-acetoacetyl derivatives of Evans oxazolidinones and of Oppolzer sultams. Exploratory work on the use of the above complexes as enantioselective catalysts in cyclopropanations (Cu), regioselective reductions alfa,beta-unsaturated esters (Co), allylation of nucleophiles (Pd), cross-coupling (Ni and Pd), Diels-Alder reactions (Fe), etc.
Effective start/end date27/07/9427/07/99


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