MELIN: Minority European languages information network

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    The project will establish a centralised Wordl Wide Web site for the provision of language resources to users of minority and lesser-used languages in the EU. Existing languages resources-initially, terminology lists and mololingual/bilingual dictionaries will be converted to a standaardised storage format -taking into account current TEI and SGML recommendations. A standardised multilingual interface will be designed to access all resources. These standards will be readily available to encourage other minority language service providers to joint the network. *The webside will initially cater for 4 languages -Irish, Welsh, Catalan and Basque and will contain definitive resources for each language. After this initial project it is intended to extend the service to other minority and lesser-used languages. The initial resources will be general purpose dictionaries for the 4 languages. Some partners will also provide grammars, spellcheckers and terminology lists.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9831/03/99

    Collaborative partners

    • UZEI Asociación
    • University of Wales Swansea
    • Linguistics Institute of Ireland (lead)
    • Canolfan Ymcgwil Cymru, Research Centre Wales


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