Ecological mechanisms promoting species diversity. A study of European "Drosophila"

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Using our previous expertise on the adaptation of "D. Buzzatii" to rotting cladodes of "Opuntia" in Carboneras (Almería, Spain), we want to increase our understanding of the population structure and the adaptation of this species, including in our study the definition of the "Drosophila" species community present in the rotting fruits of "Opuntia". We propose to detect presence of competition and to study factors that determine the coexistence of three syntopic species: "D. Buzzatii", "D. Melanogaster", and "D. Simulans". To this regard, special attention will be devoted to the role of environmental heterogeneity, intraspecific aggregation and life history components. We will test the hypotheses of the antagonistic trade-off and the spatial heterogeneity to explain the maintenance of genetic polymorphisms in "D. Buzzatii". Putative trade-offs among body size, rate of development and long
Effective start/end date1/06/9331/05/95


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