Mecanismes de tolerància i respostes fisiològiques a l'estrès iònic en plantes acumuladores i no acumuladores de metalls

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At present, the mechanisms of tolerance to metal ions in plants are not well established. The slow progress in this research field is principally due to the lack of studies which relate ion compartmentation, which is thought to play an essential role in the complex tolerance syndrome, to the physiological responses and the growth of plants, comparing sensitive and tolerant genotypes. The availability of new techniques and the improvement of experimental methods in the fields of X-ray microanalysis and of chemical analysis of metal-binding substances (organics acids, phytochelatins), protecting substances and stress indicators (poliamines), as well as the availability not only of methods which allow the monitoring of root growth (computerized linear displacement transducers) and of plant growth regulators (tests ELISA for ABA and cytokinins) with high resolution but also of devices for st
Effective start/end date22/06/9222/06/95


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