Mecanismes de processament d'autoantigen i reconeixement per cèl.lules T: estudis en la malaltia de Graves-Basedow

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    General objective: to study the immune recognition mechanisms used by the autoreactive T cells in thyroid autoimmune diseases and to determine the specific conditions responsible for their pathogenicity against thyroid follicular cells in vivo. To study the autoantigen processing and presentation by thyroid follicular cells. Specific objective: to continue search for the antigenic and restriction specificities of autoreactive T cells from patients with thyroid autoimmune diseases, as well as their usage of Valfa and Vbeta segments of the TCR. To study their phenotype, cytokine profile and functional characteristics. Characterization of the processing mechanisms involved in the presentation of the autoantigens TPO and TSH-R to autoreactive T cells. Methods: a) generation of autoreactive T cell clones from lymphocyte infiltrates of autoimmune thyroids by using limiting dilution methods and
    Effective start/end date1/01/9431/12/96


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