Mecanismes de control de la caseïna quinasa 2 durant la regeneració hepàtica i la diferenciació de les cèl.lules HL-60

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Casein kinase 2(CK-2) is an ubiquitous protein kinase which is considered to serve as regulator of cell proliferation and differentiation. The aim of the present project is to determine the alterations in CK-2 activity associated to differentiation of the human promyelocytic cell line HL-60 into granulocytes and macrophage-like cells, and of the mechanisms responsible for these alterations. The work will be complemented with the characterization of the molecular bases for the changes in the activity of CK-2 that we observed to occur during rat liver regeneration. Whether these alterations are due to changes in enzyme concentration or to phosphorylation of the alfa/alfa' and beta-subunits of CK-2 by protein kinase p34 cdc2 or by protein kinase C will be studied. Special attention will be also paid to the study of the possible influence of the interaction of CK-2 with pp49 and other cellul
Effective start/end date31/05/9331/12/96


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