Materials Nanoestructurats: caracteritzacions, propietats i aplicacions

  • Baro Marine, Maria Dolors (Principal Investigator)
  • Ile , Daciana Corina (Scholar)
  • Revesz , Adam (Scholar)
  • Sort Viñas, Jordi (Scholar)
  • López Santos, Jordi (Researcher on contract)
  • Muñoz Dominguez, Juan Santiago (Investigator)
  • Nogués Sanmiquel, Josep (Investigator)
  • Suriñach Cornet, Santiago (Investigator)
  • Walter, Peter (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


The recent trend in materials science is to customize the properties of materials by reducing their dimensionality, such as in thin filsms or nanoparticles. The large amount of atoms at surfaces, interfaces or grain boundaries in these low dimensionality systems can, in many cases, drastically alter their physical properties. We plan to investigate the effect of the reduced dimensionality on two types of properties, mechanical and magnetic. Moreover, the role of nanometic dimensions in tailoring specific characteristics for possible technological applications will be emphasised. In particular , the study of mechanical properties will be focussed on increasing the ductility of nanometric intermetallic alloys while maintaining their great hardness by alloying them with different materials. Moreover, to find possible non-destructive failure tests in these materials, we will try to correlate their structural, mechanical and magnetic properties. From the purely magnetic point of view, we will study antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic exchange coupling in different kinds of systems. Thin film systems (bilayers or trilayers)will allow us to study in a controlled fashion how different parameters (e.g texture, roughness or layer thickness) affect the exchange coupling. These studies will be aimed at improving the preparation of antiferromagnetic -ferromagnetic exchange coupled powders by means of industrial techniques (e.g. ball milling) as a new route to produce permanent magnets. Furthermore, the role of nanometric inhomogeneities or crystallites in the mechanical and magnetic properties of bulk metallec glasses will also be investigated
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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