Master on Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Digital Transformation of the Society

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As recommended by the EU's approach to the development of artificial intelligence in higher education and master's education, aiming to stimulate research and industrial capacity, we propose in this master program to promote essential academic and industrial knowledge in artificial intelligence with the vision of a sustainable digital transformation of the society. The consortium gathers four European universities from four countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy), all specialized in AI. It will provide through this project a response to
the ambition to develop transversal skills in IA applied to societal issues and technological innovation for excellent students recruited from all countries. Furthermore, in a domain as Information technologies where global thinking is mandatory, this master program aims at allowing students to benefit from our international consortium, to experience international mobility and to gain intercultural competences. Our consortium defends, and the master program promotes, the vision of a sustainable, inclusive, open, and humanist
digital transformation of the society. Therefore, an important emphasis is put on these questions bringing together computer scientists, researchers in human sciences, and experts from companies. This European Master programme MINDS is a two-years curriculum where each of the two academic years is spent at a different partner university. The curriculum comprises four major specializations in the field of information technologies: Computer Vision & Robotics, Cybersecurity, Distributed Systems, AI Engineering. Theoretical concepts
and technologies will be illustrated through four application domains which lie at the core of the digital transformation: Smart cities, Smart mobility, Smart industry, and E-health. Partner teams have extensive experience in these application domains, which are built on their very dynamic regional ecosystems (Bavaria, Catalonia, Lombardy, and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes).
Effective start/end date1/10/2231/12/23

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