Marine resources at the Beagle Channel prior to the industrial explotation: an archaeological evaluation

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The studies on the South American southernmost marine resources nototiously increased during the last decade. Nevertheless they lack of chronological depth (due to the own limits of the sciences implied). Almost no study comprises the last three or four centuries. The scarcity of the information on the pre-european period environment and its resources lead, in many cases, to assume as a premise a very light or meaningless environmental modification. Even so, there are evidences both historical and archaeological that the marine resources, in particular, would have been substantially modified during the last centuries. The aim of the project is to evaluate both alternatives (the recent marine resources modification caused by antgropic activities or induced by a climatic change) through an archaeological approach and obtaining the Beagle Channel paleotemperatures curve covering since 6000/
Effective start/end date31/12/9328/02/97


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