Marine resources at the Beagle Channel prior to the industria l exploitation: an archaeological evaluation

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    The main objective of the project, that is to reconstruct the evolutionary dynamics of the paleoecosystems of marine resources along the last 6000/6500 years, may be achieved by concurrent partial objectives. In turn, from those partial objectives strategies to be followed to develop the project may be derived: a) evaluate paleoecosystem dynamics of the Beagle Channel marine biological communities through time; b) evaluate the abiotic factors of the past marine environment by using several indicators to be recovered from archaeological sites (determine paleotemperature/paleosalinity by "sup"16O/"sup"18O analysis on "Mytilus" shells from shellmiden sites); c) validate the results of the investigation on abiotic conditions with paleoclimatic information already obtained by pollen and/or dendrochronological analysis; d) verify whether fluctuations of environmental physical conditions are co
    Effective start/end date1/02/9431/03/97


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