Marc jurídic de la pràctica política en els orígens del constitucionalisme llatinoamericà, 1808-1840

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The initial hypothesis of the project accepts the eminently juridical dimension of the independence process of the future states and the persistence there of the double institutional legacy -colonial and the Cadiz Constitution- in their political practices. In other words, political action at the moment of independence was channelled judically by efforts to devise constitutions that would provide solutions to three main problems: a) territorial limitation of the state, both externally (frontiers with neighbour states) and internally (inner divisions into provinces or federated states); b) the pan-American dimension of initial liberalism, with episodes such as the Panama Congress (1826) and the subsequent proposals of federal juridical articulation for all American states; c) the establishment of political transactions between, initially, creoles and Spanish and Portuguese nationals who h
Effective start/end date30/09/9130/09/94


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