Listeriosi: estudi en un model experimental de factors de risc, diseminació intraorgànica i lesions nervioses

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    Some of the factors which are responsible of clinical cases of listeriosis are well known (pregnancy, immunodepression...). However, in the Conference of Listeria in Foods which took place in Leon (Spain) last October 1992, it was emphasized that a high number of cases did not show any of the risk factors described for listeriosis, and it can be concluded that some other risk factors should be involved in the susceptibility to the disease. We have obtained preliminary evidence that a nutritional deficiency of selenium/vitamin E should be taken into account on this regard. On the other hand, the routes and mechanisms of intraorganic dissemination, as well as the complete lesion pattern are not completely known. This feature implies that several essential aspects of the pathogenesis of the disease still remain unknown. This proposal includes the following targets: a) the role of certain mi
    Effective start/end date25/05/9325/05/96


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