L'imperi insular, política colonial i canvi econòmic i social a les Antilles espanyoles i a Filipines (1759-1868)

  • Ferrer Francesch, Xavier (Principal Investigator)

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    This project sets out to analyse changes registered in Spanish colonial policy regarding the country's main island possessions remaining after the process of emancipation of continental latin America, between 1810 and 1826, and the social and economic repercussions on the governed territories caused by these changes. As our departure point, we intend to divide the period under examination into three main phases each of which, within the context of continuing colonial relations, poses specific problems: a) 1759-1796. Analysis of the process of substitution of the mercantile type economy, in which the island possessions played a marginal role, for the one proposed within the framework of Bourbon reforms, destined to favour plantation economies; b) 1797-1820. Study of the insurrectionist movement seen from that part of the empire still faithful to the mother country. We shall pay special at
    Effective start/end date28/02/9128/02/93


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