L'Imperi Insular. Política colonial i canvi econòmic a les Antilles espanyoles i Filipines (1759-1868)

  • Delgado Ribas, José (Principal Investigator)
  • Fradera Barceló, Josep M. (Investigator)

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The Insular Empire. Colonial policy and economic change in the Spanish Antilles and Philippines (1759-1868) This project intends to analyse the changes in the Spanish colonial policy towards the main insular possessions that Spain managed to retain after the emancipation process of continental America, between 1810 and 1826, and its socials and economic repercussions over the administered territories. To start with, we intend to divide this period in three main stages each of which places specific problems within the colonial relationship: a)1759-1796. Analysis of the substitution process of mercantilist colonialism, where the insular possessions played a marginal role, towards the model advocated within the frame of Borbonic reformism aimed to favour the development of the plantation economies b)1797-1820. Survey of the insurgent movement as seen from the empire that remains loyal to the metropolis. We will focus on the causes that made it possible for the insular territories not to follow the way to independence that continental America had undertaken in a moment of a extreme weakness for Spain. c)1820-1868. Development and crisis of a liberal colonial policy. The reception of the new theories about the role of colonies and its connection with the abolition of the slave trade and the starting of new methods of political and economic control
Effective start/end date1/04/9031/03/91


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