Ligandos funcionalizados hemlabiles ambifilicos e Hidrosolubles. Aplicaciones en Catalisis homogenea y radiofarmacos

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Different familys of functionalized ligands will be prepared and its transition metal complexes will be studied. The first group of ligands, substituted pyrazoles and ether phosphines, has been designed for using in homogeneous catalysis since they can display some the following properties: hemilabile, amphiphilic or hydrosoluble. The second group of ligands has been throught for using in the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals: ether polyphosphines, 3+1 ligands and acetylenic phosphines. Their metal complexes with rhenium and 99m Tc will be studied as well as their possible uses as radiopharmaceuticals.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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