L'evolució psíquica i lingüística de les persones afectades per dèficit d'audició: alguns aspectes del desenvolupament socioafectiu d'aquestes persones.

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This project includes several studies on the psychological and language development of the hearing-impaired, which are divided into two categories. The first studies several aspects of social and emotional development. Given the widespresad recognition of the importance of social perceptions concerning deafness to the development of identity in the hearing-imparired, we propose to compare our results with those of other countries (Spain, Greece, Italy and France). We shall also explored other aspects of social world and inegration in the world of work. The second kind of investigation includes various aspects of the relation between language and thought: the acquisition of a second language in a bilingual environment, the comprehension of expositive and mathematical texts, and the development of cognitive processes in social interaction.
Effective start/end date1/08/951/08/98


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