L'escriptura i el llibre a la Catalunya dels segles IX i X

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To make a study about the writing and the book in the proto-Catalonia of the 9th and 10th centuries it is necessary to establish previously a total census of the graphic testimonies produced in the period (diplomatic, codicologic and epigraphical). In Catalonia there are very few inscriptions of the aforementioned centuries, but there are about 15,000 archival documents and a number, unfortunately not determined, of entire and fragmentary codices, but which, without any doubt, according to the first estimates, is important. The compilation of these materials is the only thing that can allow a fundamented research about the thematic that we intend to study. In a second phase it is necessary to analyze from a paleographic and codicological point of view the data furnished by these materials. To which we must add, naturally, the librarian testimonies that appear in inventories and documents
Effective start/end date8/07/948/07/97


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