Les ribonucleases com a model per a l'estudi de la relació estructura-funció en els enzims

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The studies proposed for this project fall into the overall category of the structure-function ratio in enzymes. The project concentrates on the field of ribonucleases, and proposes two main lines of research. On the one hand, studies of ribonuclease A from the bovine pancreas will allow us to obtain an overall view of the interaction mechanism of the enzyme with ARN and its relationship with the process of catalysis. For this study kinetic, crystallographic and X-ray diffraction techniques will be employed alongside those of marking by photoaffinity and graphic modelling. On the other hand, the characterisation of ribonucleases present in human plasma is still in its infancy; consequently, we propose studies of purification, of enzymatic characterisation, of structure and of the function and origin of these ribonucleases.
Effective start/end date1/07/891/07/92


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