Les polítiques socials del règim franquista

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This researching project aims to analyse the social policies of Franco's regime from its initial years until the end of the dictatorship, placing them in the European context. The research seeks, firstly, to analyse the regime's social speech, inscribing it in its ideological bases and in its political project. Secondly, it seeks to study the most relevant social policies, its elaboration processes and its normative concretions, the role of the implied actors its development and the results that were reached in view of the main used tools and especially the institutions that had most protagonism in those politics. By analysing the social policies, we also seek to light a group of not well-known aspects of the regime and of Franco's time, such as the relation between the social policies and the objectives of the political leaders in order to maintain and increase social supports to the regime, and socio-economic changes accelerated from the beginning of the sixties' decade.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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