Les pautes hidràuliques dels assentaments rurals de l'al-Andalus

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The aim of the project is to study the patterns of hydraulic systems in the rural settlement of al-Andalus, combining field work techniques and documentary and place-names evidences. The settlements chosen for such a study are the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, Alt Maestrat (Castellón), Corbalán (Zaragoza), Almunia of Alamiriyya (Córdoba), Sierra de Gata (Cáceres), Montsià and Baix Ebre (Tarragona) and the "Huerta" of Valencia. Special attention will be given to the congruency of size relation between areas as to try to discern the social logic of the settlements and the peasant strategies of production and the expected volume of that production. Another aim of the study is to establish the effects and transformations of the feudal conquest of these hydraulic spaces. Finally, if would be very desirable to check out the possibility of reconstructing the original design of the "Huerta" o
Effective start/end date8/07/948/07/97

Collaborative partners

  • Sense entitat (lead)
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)


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