Les pautes hidràuliques dels assentaments rurals d'al-Andalus

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The research on the making of irrigated fields in al-Andalus linked to the Arab and Berber migration (from the VIIIth century in the Peninsula, and from the IXth century in Balearic Islands) started in 1982. This research has becomed more complex, to the extent that the specific methodes developed during these years permit us now to reconstruct the design and the reconstruction of these irrigated systems, as well as to identify the groups who founded them. The patterns of these settlements resulted from a selection determined by the actual technical knowledge needed to adopt this type of solution. The project aims to insert new questions in the research, as the urban irrigated spaces, the graphical representation, and the study of the processes of selection and making up of the irrigated systems taking into account the geological and geomorphological conditions.
Effective start/end date1/10/971/10/00


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