Les noves tecnologies de la informació i el dret internacional

  • Piñol Rull, Joan (Principal Investigator)

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The area proposed as the subject for research is the overall impact of new information technologies, especially informatics and telecommunications, on international law, both public and private. We shall analyze transnational computer networks, international data flows, communications satellites, videotex, teletex, remote facsimile reproduction, etc. in an attempt to determine the international regime of and the laws applicable to these realities or, where appropiate, point out possible regulation deficiencies. So far the subject area has received little attention from internationalists, with the possible exception of the United States, where such studies are in their infancy, and of a few European universities. This is one of the reasons why our research project is so wide in scope, as we aspire to offer a first general evaluation of the legal questions involved. This project, though of
Effective start/end date5/03/905/03/92


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