Les interelacions dels discursos oral i escrit en el audiovisual.

  • Torrent Badia, Anna M. (Principal Investigator)
  • Paloma Sanllehi, David (Scholar)
  • Bassols Puig, Margarida (Investigator)
  • Dolz Gastaldo, Vicenta (Investigator)
  • Faura Pujol, Neus (Investigator)
  • Muñoz Ramos, Isidre (Investigator)
  • Rico Busquets, Albert (Investigator)
  • Santamaria Guinot, Laura (Investigator)
  • Segarra Neira, Milagros (Investigator)

Project Details


This project seeks to analyse the relationship between the oral and written linguistic components in the audiovisual production. The aim of this study will include both, texts that have been written to be spoken -documentary programs, sitcom and soap opera scripts...-, that can also be translated and dubbed, as well as those written to be simultaneously read while the oral version is hears. In this case, we will study monolingual production where the audience reads and listens to two versions coinciding in the code, but done following different strategies, and the multilingual productions in which the change of the medium also conveys the translation of the original text. The description of the abilities required -from the knowledge of the extralingüístic context in which any discourse in inserted to the techniques used to adapt them to the different mediums -as well as the evaluation of
Effective start/end date1/11/961/11/99


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