Les inscripcions mètriques llatines d'Hispània en el marc del nou vol. XVIII del "Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum"

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The head of this project has promoted, in the past two years, the idea of a new volume of the CIL, the number XVIIIth, completely devoted to the edition and presentation of the Latin metrical inscriptions of the Roman world, in coordination with Dr. Hans Krummrey (Central Redaction of the CIL, in Berlin), Dr. Armin U. Stylow (Coordinator of the CIL II2, Hispania, in Munich) and professor Dr. Géza Alföldy (new head of the CIL project, in Heidelberg). The work proposed to be financed through this project concerns the recopilation and edition of metrical inscriptions wich will be published in CIL XVIII, "pars" 4, concerning the inscriptions of "Conventus Tarraconensis".
Effective start/end date8/07/948/07/97


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