Les garanties en el tràfic jurídico-econòmic actual

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The importance of credit law in the society and in the present economy involves, has involved and will involve, probably, the "introduction" of new obligation guarantees with a single intention: the regulation of credit law. Those guarantees, that we could name "new" in a lax sense, have been welcomed for different tracks: a) through the power of configuration that the particulars have across the creation of new shapes or the combination of typic shapes that already exist to obtain the objective marked before, and b) the "importation" of shapes of juridic arrangements in which the expenses and the slowness of typical guarantees, traditional of the Spanish system, have been surpassed on the altars of an agility of the juridical-economic traffic and in general of the circulation of the wealth. We try to determine such shapes, to analize their juridic structure, to fix the juridic rules tha
Effective start/end date14/06/9331/12/95


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