Les dones immigrants amb fills al seu càrrec. Detecció de necessitats en l'àmbit d'acció de les polítiques familiars i de les polítiques de salut

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The objective of this research is to offer a diagnosis of the situation of the migrant women with children in Spain. From a global and integral gender perspective, we will focus on the gender roles distribution between parents, the strategies for the conciliation of labour and family life, the mother-child health as well as mental health. By doing so, we aim to detect the needs of migrant women in these aspects and to propose useful actions and policies for all social actors implied. We will take into consideration migrant women from different origins (Latin-American, Moroccan and East European women) and will point to their specific needs. Namely, to those needs that have to do with being a migrant woman, with their socio-economic situation in Spain (especially their labour opportunities) and with their cultural baggage (cultural constructions around maternity, gender roles and relations, health attitudes). The research will be held in the metropolitan areas of Barcelona and Madrid, as these are the areas with a bigger concentration of migrant women. The data will be mainly collected by focus groups with migrant women from the different nationalities mentioned and with a variety of socio-economic situations.
Effective start/end date3/01/052/01/07


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