L'equació "e invertida" U = F. Aplicacions a problemes clàssics de la teoria de funcions analítiques

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The aim is to study different aspects of two basic techniques in Complex Analysis. One is the "e invertida"-Neumann problem, connected to the theory of partial differential equations. The other is the theory of reproducing kernels and explicit solution for the "e invertida"-equation. A second goal is to apply these methods and some other of more specific nature to the study of interpolation, approximation and boundary behaviour of holomorphic functions. The detailed subjects have been collected in four sections: a) the "e invertida"-Neumann problem and the "e invertida"-equation u=f; b) interpolation and zeros of holomorphic functions; c) approximation by solutions of elliptic equations and spectral synthesis; d) boundary behaviour of special classes of holomorphic functions in one variable.
Effective start/end date22/11/9022/11/93


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