Leading International Vaccionology Education

  • Jaraquemada Perez de Guzman, Maria Dolores (Principal Investigator)
  • Martinez Ramirez, Paz (Principal Investigator 2)
  • : Patrice Dubois (Investigator)
  • Alain PUISIEUX (Investigator)
  • Alejandro Aguilar Vila (Investigator)
  • Alexandre MOULIN (Investigator)
  • Alexandre PACHOT (Investigator)
  • Annarosa Arcangeli (Investigator)
  • Anne Flüry-Hérard (Investigator)
  • Arnaud Marchant (Investigator)
  • Benoit Miribel (Investigator)
  • Bernard Sinou (Investigator)
  • Bernd Eisele (Investigator)
  • Dimas Covas (Investigator)
  • Dominique PELLA (Investigator)
  • Florence AGOSTINO-ETCHETTO (Investigator)
  • Frédéric Fleury (Investigator)
  • Frédéric Gervais (Investigator)
  • Gabriel Pedersen (Investigator)
  • Gonzalo VICENTE (Investigator)
  • Gustavo Amarantes-Mendes (Investigator)
  • Herman Van Goethem (Investigator)
  • Jean Bosco OUEDRAOGO (Investigator)
  • Jean Christophe Audonnet (Investigator)
  • Jean-François PINTON (Investigator)
  • Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl (Investigator)
  • Joe Schmitt (Investigator)
  • Keith Simpson (Investigator)
  • Klaus Cichutek (Investigator)
  • Klaus Schwamborn (Investigator)
  • Laurence Chaperot (Investigator)
  • Madiha DEROUAZI (Investigator)
  • Marie-José Quentin-Millet (Investigator)
  • Mijke Vogels (Investigator)
  • Nicolas Meda (Investigator)
  • Odile LEROY (Investigator)
  • Philippe Archinard (Investigator)
  • Suyén Rodriguez Pérez (Investigator)
  • Suzanne Belinga (Investigator)
  • Tae Kyung Byun (Investigator)
  • Theodore Tsai (Investigator)
  • Thomas Breuer (Investigator)
  • Thomas Kieber-Emmons (Investigator)
  • Tobias R. Kollmann (Investigator)
  • Wang, Bin (Investigator)

Project Details


The Joint Master Degree entitled ¿Leading International Vaccinology Education¿ (LIVE +) is a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences with socio-economic sciences and humanities, delivering 120 European Credit Transfer System with an emphasis on employability of the graduated international students and dedicated to train the next generation of vaccinologists to fill a gap in global post-graduate formation. LIVE is jointly delivered by 5 leading European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), namely Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne (FR), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universitat de Barcelona (ES), and University of Antwerp (BE), in agreement and close collaboration with 45 associate partners (AP) from the whole world of chain in Vaccinology: HEIs, foundations, organisations, small and medium size and big pharma companies, and clinical or research centres in Vaccinology, worldwide. Pre-requisite: motivated Biochemists, Bioengineers, Biologists, Physicians, Pharmacists or Veterinary applicants have a bachelor level (180 ECTS) in cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and basic immunology to enter in LIVE. Students move from Barcelona (S1), to Antwerp (S2), then Lyon (S3). Before moving worldwide for their Master thesis (S4), they are deeply trained in (1) Immunology, Immunopathology, (2) Infectiology, Epidemiology, (3) Research, Clinical and Industrial Vaccinology, (4) multidisciplinary aspects: Public Health, Communication, Project Management, Confidence in Vaccination, Ethics and Languages. During S2 and S3, they attend an international Summer School on vaccinology, and participate to yearly visits at industrial partners¿ sites. At S3 being involved in Massive Open Online Course development, as part of their official training, they experience innovative educational practice. S4 is dedicated to internships and Master thesis, co-supervised by all universities.
Effective start/end date3/09/182/09/24


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