Leaching, separation and recovering of some valuable metals contained in the spharelite, galena and chalcopyrite sulphides ores

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The project is intended to study the three main steps followed in sulphide ore treatment, namely flotation, leaching and metal separation and concentration. French professor J. Bessière is determining appropiate conditions for the flotation agents used for the selective separation of galena, chalcopyrite and blenda when mixed together and is examining how high frequency dielectric techniques can explain the behaviour at solid/liquid interfaces. Mexican professor J. de Gives is establishing appropiate physicochemical conditions for the selective leaching of spharelite, chalcopyrite and galena and characterising the responsible electrochemical reactions. She and spanish professor M. Valiente are studying and optimising solvent extraction processes for metals present in these ores. The latter is developing liquid membranes and new water-insoluble polymers to selective lyabsorb particular me
Effective start/end date30/11/9030/11/93

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