La traductologia en l'àmbit cultural no europeu. Recopilació, traducció i edició dels principals textos teòrics sobre la traducció en xinès, àrab i japonès.

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    Non-European theoretical texts on translation the history of translation in non-European cultures and non-European cultures and non European travellers tales form a field of scientific research unprecedented in Spain and in the Western world in general. Existing anthologies of theoretical texts on translation have to date been limited to Western texts and are Eurocentric and culture-bound as a result. Translation is a continuous process of intercultural communication that is necessary for the social and economic development of a society; it is a process that has influenced deep sociocultural change in all of the developed societies. The first phase of translation is dominated by texts from neighbouring cultures. The translation of Buddhist texts into Chinese during the first millenium A.D. had repercussions at the level of popular culture (introducing a new religion) and elite culture (t
    Effective start/end date1/11/961/11/99


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