La televisió i els usos socials de l'esport

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    1. Mass media influence on sport. The aim is to study how the mass media, and especially TV, have an influence and transform sport in our society. We will study this influence in the next two fields. 1.1. In sport clubs' economy and organization: increase of advertising and sponsoring revenues, policies on player contracts and player transfering, decrease of the amateur practice. 1.2. In sport as a show: change from spectator to telespectator, substitution of sport practice to TV-sportive show, fitness of thes port regulations to the constraints of the performance and TV show. 2. Sport influence on the mass media. We will also study the increasing influence of sport on the massmedia, in their present status of expansion and transformation of the audio-visual production. We will take into account this influence in the next aspects: TV audience and TV revenues, changes in the strategy of p
    Effective start/end date22/11/9022/11/93


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