La ribonucleasa com a possible marcador tumoral del càncer de pàncreas

  • Cuchillo Foix, Claudi Miquel (Principal Investigator)

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Prognosis of cancer of the pancreas tumours is highly problematic: it is difficult to diagnose and, when its presence is suspected, metastases will already have been located. For this reason, we need the diagnostic means by which to detect the tumour in the early stages of its developments in order to apply the most suitable therapy as soon as possible. Different studies have shown that the determination of levels of ribonuclease serum, through enzyme activity methods, might serve as an indicator of the development of a pancreatic tumour. Other studies, however, point out that such determination is insignificant. It has been suggested that this confusion is due to the presence in the serum of diverses ribonucleases, to the lack of specificity for pancreatic ribonuclease and to the variability of the substrata used. This project sets out to apply a new technique highly sensible to the act
Effective start/end date8/03/898/03/92


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