La representació de les relacions entre dones i homes i el recanvi generacional en la prensa, des de 1974 a 2004

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    The transformation of relationships between men and women in last century, has influenced in the models of gender represented in media and have helped to younger generations so that they enjoy a better equality of opportunities and so that they face to new problems. Different investigations have examined different aspects of representation of woman' image in the media. This project propose to start a quality step from: 1) Analize in comparative, sistematic and longitudinal way, own experiencies and changes in representation of relationships and models of gender comunicated by press, between old and young generations. 2) Discuss and publish the results of investigation and create a pattern for critical reading and the producction of messages, not only face-toface meeting but virtual way. 3)Elaborate patterns for a critical reading and the production of messages that promote a possitive and attractive viwew of a society with equality of opportunities.
    Effective start/end date17/12/0131/12/04


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