La "qüestió catalana" en la política espanyola del segle XX

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The objective of this research is to analyse precisely the importance of the Catalan presence and influence on 20th century Spanish politics, and how that presence and influence have been perceived from the Spanish point of view. There is no doubt that the "Catalan Question", as it was named, was already of great importance in Spanish political life at the start of the 20th century, and this importance, far from diminishing over the following years, has become one of the most significant Spanish "problems". It is necessary to carry out research into this issue using the same methodological procedures as those of the most prestigious European historians, such as the Italians, French, British and Germans. This research needs to avoid the in-bred ideas which one can still find in works published in Spain. We wish to clarify from the outset that it is indispensable to have access to a much greater store of information than that offered by current conventional bibliographies, given that we need to examine the specific acions of the Catalan politicans, whether membres of the Parliament or Ministers, and to know their ideas, proposals, spreeches and work, so also the relevant options than were held by the Spanish politicians and the public on the subject. The principal objective of this project is the cration of a investigation tool for to centralize in a Documental System the biographic, bibliographic and documental informations about Catalan membres of the Parliament and Ministers. This Data collection make possible finally: the elaboration and publication of a general study of the theme; the elaboration od a bibliographical dictionary od Catalan membres of the Parlamient and Ministers; the publication of an anthology of texts, the principal parlamientary debates, specialides bibliograpies on specif themes and a compendium of legislation and the elaboration of a specialised documental language about the theme
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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