La Política Monetaria en la Unión Europea

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In this porject we intend to analyze different aspects of the monetary policy that the European Central Banc (ECB) conducts for all countries belonging to the European Monetary Union. To this end, our analysis unfolds in three different levels: 1) The implementation of the policy of interest rates pegging and its effects on the european monetary markets; 2) The assessment of the primary target of inflation control by the ECB with special emphasis onits redistributive effects; and 3) The effects of different monetary policies on the real european economies, which are characterized by pervasive rigidities in their labor markets. These three lines of research are ckeary complementary in every analysis of economic policy since they cover all the range from the policy implementation to its real effects on economic perfromance, through the assessment of its objectives.
Effective start/end date29/12/0029/12/03


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