La població de Catalunya, 1787-1986. Estudi territorial

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The aim of the project is to study the spatial patterns underlying the demographic transformations occured in Catalonia in the past two hundred years, considering three periods: the high-growth pretransitional period, the demografic transition and its diffusion and the highly cyclical postransitional period. A database shall be built including all the demographic statistics on Catalonia (at the lowest possible territorial level) published during the period which starts with Floridablanca census and finishes with the recent 1986 census. Data shall be evaluated and corrected, and indicators, both dynamic and structural, shall be calculated as far as it is statistically meaningful. A great amount of maps shall be produced with three main purposes: testing the quality of data, establishing differentials in structures and phenomena, and detecting associations among demographic variables and a
Effective start/end date26/09/9126/09/94


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