La música religiosa a Catalunya el segle XIX. Estudis sobre patrimoni musical: els fons musicals de la basílica de l'Esperit Sant de Terrassa, la Mercè de Barcelona i el convent dels frares caputxins

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    This project aims to incorporate the study of religious music into the musicological research field. This is found in the musical funds conserved in Catalonia, the only autonomous community which at the beginning of the 21st century still hasn't managed to start the edition of the catalogues of its musical archives. The project is based upon research on: 1.The study and cataloguing of the musical funds of: a)The basilica of the Esperit Sant de Terrassa (with a thousand compositions written and performed by their choirmasters and organists between the end of 18 th and beginning of the 20th centuries). b)The basilica of la Mercè of Barcelona, with more than a thousand manuscripts and works by R. Aleix, F. Andreví, B. Blanch, M. Biosca, B. Calvó Puig, B. Frigola. c)The Capuchin Friars convent of Sarrià (Barcelona), whose funds are made up of the legacy of the composer Bernat Calvó Puig (1819-1880), also choirmaster of the Cathedral and churches del Pi, Santa Maria del Mar and la Mercè. 2.The formal, stylistic and aesthetic study of types of the religious repertoire: masses, salves, hymns, psalms, responsories and passions in Latin and oratorios, rosaries, letrillas (rondelets), gozos (couplets) and eucharistical motets in Romance. 3.The critical edition of great artistic quality and most representative musical repertoire of said authors
    Effective start/end date12/12/0311/12/06


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