La legitimació de les representacions lèxiques en la fonologia i en la sintaxi

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The condition of licensing proposed in 1986 by N. Chomsky has been under active investigation in the last years. Given its theoretical relevance within the generative model, it is still necessary, however, to apply it to new empirical domains and to check the results of its interaction in different components to get hold of its specific significance and its formal properties. This project investigates to which extent the concept of licensing has the same, or partially differential properties in phonology, syntax, and the lexicon. This will lend to a better understanding of general principles that interact with it: the general rule "affect alpha", the projection principle, structure preservation, and underspecification. The empirical domain investigated will be autosegmental insertion, deletion, and spreading phenomena, verbal, nominal and prepositional incorporation. There will be concet
Effective start/end date12/11/9030/06/94


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