La interacció de fluids hidrotermals amb massissos cristal.lins i la seva relació amb les mineralitzacions de Ba-F(Pb-Zn) dels Catalànids i del Pirineu oriental

  • Cardellach Lopez, Esteve (Principal Investigator)
  • Grandia Borras, Fidel (Scholar)

Project Details


The low temperature barite and fluorite bearing veins enclosed within the Paleozoic basement of the Catalonian Coastal Ranges, are clear evidences of the presence of fossil hydrothermal systems that involved the cristalline basement as well as the mesozoic cover. Although the mineralizing processes involved in the vein formation are well understood, the source of the metals or the size of the water-rock interaction are not known. Deposits with similar characteristics but not studied up to now, have been recognized in karstic cavities developed in limestones of Devonian (Toloriu and Bagà) and Cambro-Ordovician (Rocabruna) age. The first objective of this project is to understand these hydrothermal systems by means of the integration of geological, mineralogical and geochemical data (fluid inclusions, stable isotopes, trace element geochemistry...) in the Ba-Cu bearing karstic mineralizati
Effective start/end date26/05/9326/06/96


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