La Inquisició i la història social del poder a l'Espanya moderna.

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The project starts form the need of studying the Inquisition not as a finality but as a mean to reopen the main questions of social history in Modern Spain, starting from the evidence of its social influence throughout history: its role in the manipulation of collective memory (purity of blood); its connection with political and ecclesiastical powers through the penetration into the identifying marks of its own agents (the inquisitorial prosopography); its impact in dialectics between central and peripheral powers (Inquisition and regional law-codes) and its contribution in the ideological and moral codification field (inquisitorial values systems and its alternatives) as well as its behaviours guardionship and repression (Inquisition and sexuality).
Effective start/end date1/08/951/08/98

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  • University of Alcalá


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